Welcome to the IdealLife

brought to you by: Dr Josh and Lisa

Who are you?

You are a successful person who needs that extra push to take the next step or make a much needed change. You are highly intelligent and searching for solutions, you are leveraging our guidance to propel you in the direction of your Ideal Life.

Who are we?

We are successful entrepreneurs who truly live their Ideal Life. We share solutions for focus, empowerment, prioritization, accountability, decision making, clarity, your best health, business growth, purpose, create more choices, create healthy relationships, navigate life’s changes, financial abundance, demolish self limiting beliefs, setting goals, personal growth, creating healthy habits, time management, modeling, progress, and fulfillment.


Dr. Joshua Dunsky
Clinic Director, Practice Owner - Practice Consultant

Dr Joshua Dunsky is the clinic director at Dunsky Rehab and Spine Center and a caring father of 5. He is a healthcare practitioner who has a passion for top notch nutrition of which he has incorporated into his neuropathy and spinal degeneration program.

Dr. Josh is also a highly sought after practice consultant with the Million Dollar Practice, helping practitioners break free of the constraints of the Insurance model.

Founding Growth Leader - Growth-U

My vision is to be lecturing on the world stage, to empower people to grab hold of their inner power to achieve greatness, true unadulterated greatness; To beat the odds of ill health; To unleash their G_d given right to freedom, real freedom. And lastly, to protect their families financially, as there is no other way. My vision is to teach people about the control they do and don’t have and to ignite their inner spark so they too can step into their power.
— Dr. Josh

IdealHealth + IdealWealth + IdealMind + IdealFun = The IdealLife

Lisa Dunsky
The IdealLife, Consulting

Lisa shows you how to live your Ideal Life. She is a work-at-home mom of 5, business coach, author, and motivational speaker. Specializing in leader development, duplicatable systems and wealth creation. She helps create healthy relationships, healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy bank accounts.

Lisa also holds a pivotal role as an influencer, trainer, leader and author as a Founding Growth Leader with Growth-U.

I believe that everyone deserves an extraordinary life. My calling is to empower and cast visions for those that feel lost or defeated and introduce them to hope.
— Lisa Dunsky